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Posted by j, 12/22/03 at 6:46:29 PM.
Dinner after the meeting is usually a lot of fun. It’s a time for us to talk to each other about things other than blogging or to discuss the meeting. It’s a great opportunity to network with other bloggers.

We try to be considerate of people’s special dietary needs. Joining us for the companionship and not eating is permissable.

We usually eat at a place within easy walking distance of the Berkman Center, which includes restaurants near, in, and between Porter and Harvard Squares. We are always open to trying new places. We usually don’t make reservations in advance. The dinner crowd varies in size from week to week.

We’ve eaten at many places, including: Chang Sho, Pho Pasteur, Cambridge Common, Boca Grande, The Bombay Club, Cafe of India, Iruna, and Shilla,

Usually when the bill comes, we divide the total by the number of people eating instead of having everyone pay for his/her own food and beverage. When we go to certain restaurants, like Indian or Chinese, we often order family style. (That means we get dishes to share with everyone at the table.) People are welcome to order separately, request favorites, etc, Dinners usually cost around $20.

Web sites with info about local restaurants:

The Unofficial Guide to Life at Harvard has a database that’s searchable by many criteria, including price, ethnicity, and location.

Boston Phoenix has listings for Harvard Square and Porter Square.

Boston Citysearch also has a searchable database of restaurants and listings by type of food. (by the Harvard Square Business Association) has a list of restaurants by type of food.

Cambridge’s Office of Tourism also has a database of restaurants.’s food section includes restaurant reviews and a database.

Vernica suggested a Web site with menus from area restaurants someone posted on the Internet.

There are also many restaurants on Harvard’s campus.

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