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03/23/2006 Meeting Notes

Posted by Erica, 3/23/06 at 6:13:54 PM.

Disclaimer: Please note that all live notes are taken by attendees, and are permanently editable by all blog group members. In note-taking by multiple parties during a running event mistakes of both content and attribution are highly likely. Live Notes are not a reliable source of quotable material; all notes are (sometimes significant) on-the-fly paraphrases by the various note-takers. When possible we attempt to return to the live notes and edit them to greater accuracy, but this is not a guarantee.

Meeting notes are a best effort – comment with or blog your corrections.


  • Erica George
  • j Baumgart
  • jared Dunn
  • Brett Stilwell
  • Lynne Baer
  • Ann House
  • Bill Ives
  • Marshall (sorry I forget your last name)
  • Greg Epstein


  • Due to an annoyingly recurring freak wifi issue affecting the Mac laptops in the room, nobody could take notes in this interface during the session
  • We discussed a little about Mashup Camp and mashups even without Zachary and Mark (thanks Bill!)
  • Jared talked some about SXSW, and the apparent inverse correlation ebtween its popularity and its quality
  • Greg discussed his questions in setting up a blog
  • and that’s all, folks!
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