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2005/01/06 Meeting Notes

01/06/2005 Meeting Notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • j: j Baumgart
  • EG: Erica George
  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • MB: Mary Bridges
  • LW: Lisa Williams
  • MD: Madhu Dahiya

    JD: Jared Dunn

  • JH: Jack Hodgson
  • GR: Gregor Rothfuss
  • VD: Vernica Downey –>

MS: Meghan Stier

  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • RH: Rick Heller
  • AW: Al Willis
  • Dermott
  • GE: Garrett Eastman
  • AG: Adam Gaffin
  • BM: Bruce McHenry
  • sj
  • Arvin
  • Sooz
  • RO: Ryan Overbey
  • SG: Steve Garfield
  • JS: John Sequeira
  • PS: Pito Salas
  • JSJ: Scott Johnson
  • AG: Andrew Grumet
  • NP: Nathan Paxton of Nate Knows Nada
  • JD2: James Day
  • SP: Steve Pomeroy –>

    There will be no Webcast.



    We don’t plan to cover anything on the agenda tonight.

    • MB is working on an article about blogging for a class assignment and is recording the meeting as a test.
    • MB: It’s amazing how much fact checking we can do via Google.
    • MD: Yeah, we use Google to find things for patients sometimes.
    • j: What do you do to check the reliability of the Web sites?
    • MD: Well, there are a few well-known sites I use frequently. I don’t trust sites from private doctors the same way as I do sites by teaching hospitals and medical schools.
    • MD: Has anyone seen Sideways?
    • SR: Spenglish is good.
    • LW: Documentaries rock!
    • Yours is a Very Bad Hotel
    • LW: I began blogging because a former boyfriend stole a journal and used the contents against me. I figured if I wrote my journal in public, no one could use the contents against me.
    • EG: I know a lot of couples who have met because of online journaling.
    • LW: Here’s a blogging couple.
    • Citizen journalism based on the discussion on the list
      • Do bloggers need to pay their own way to events?
      • What about getting press credentials?
      • Should bloggers contact PR folks?
      • And more …
    • Blogger-written policies related to blogging
    • Future meeting topic: podcasting
      • Guest speaker(s)?
      • Demo?
      • The Berkman Center is getting into podcasting.
    • VloggerCon: video bloggers conference in New York on Saturday, January 22
    • Lisa’s ideas for a fun group outing to an art museum

    • Reminder: Our group has a calendar. Please feel free to add events of interest to everyone to it.

    • What else?
    • Eat

      • Pizzeria Uno
      • Seoul Food the last time we met way back in December
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