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03/17/2005 Meeting Notes

Posted by j, 3/16/05 at 5:57:49 PM.

03/17/2005 Meeting Notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.




Proposed agenda:

  • Skip the meeting and listen to Sam’s group rehearse in Sanders Theatre
  • Wear green or get pinched.
    • j pinched EG
  • 6:30 pm: work on audio for the meeting
    • we did and it works
  • Blogging 101
  • Yahoo! Group membership requests
    • AW: Is our policy stated somewhere? Shimon’s right.
    • LW: Few issues 1) Do we need a policy? 2) What should it be? 2a) Should we put restrictions on behavior before someone signs up? 2b) Should we put restrictions on behavior now?
    • Is it a free-for-all now?
    • No, Jay screens people. He does a great job now. Rah rah, Jay!
    • Do we need to make people say what their blogs are?
    • DF: Information Systems Forum, the list I moderate, has policies regarding people’s behavior.
    • LW: Flame wars happen on blogs less than they do on e-mail discussion lists.
    • DC: People have to work to get to comments on a blog. With a discussion list, messages pretty much land in your lap.
    • K: Blogs are distributed. People have to work pretty hard to find something/someone to flame.
  • Combatting trackback and comment spam
    • BI: Someone commented telling me not to use TrackBack because it encourages comment spam.
    • AW: Maybe we need blog systems that recognize people, like having people on a friend’s list in an e-mail program.
    • AW: Why should I blog if I can’t use it to interact with others? What’s the point if no one is going to tell me I’m wrong?
    • (Some general discussion of how good people’s ability to detect inauthenticity is)
  • DC: What do I have to do to join the group?
    • Nothing! Simply attend the meetings.
  • JW: Will blog for free books
    • So will Jay McCarthy
  • What else?
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