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09/23/2004 Meeting Notes

2004/09/02 Meeting notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • WK: Wendy Koslow
  • j: j Baumgart
  • JD: Jared Dunn
  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • JA: Josh Ain
  • RF: Randy Fenstermacher
  • JS: John Sequeira
  • RO: Ryan Overbey
  • SG: Steve Garfield
  • Sun
  • PS: Pito Salas
  • DW: David Weinberger
  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • BI: Bill Ives

  • BM: Bruce McHenry
  • Sooz
  • GR: Gregor Rothfuss

JSJ: Scott Johnson

  • LW: Lisa Williams
  • GR: Gregor Rothfuss
  • AG: Andrew Grumet
  • BI: Bill Ives

  • DW: David Weinberger, Berkman Fellow
  • WA: Warren Agin, a bankruptcy lawyer and new Frassler
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon, Berkman Fellow
  • NP: Nathan Paxton of Nate Knows Nada
  • JD2: James Day
  • SP: Steve Pomeroy
  • RH: Rick Heller
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon –>

    There will be no Webcast.



    • Blog meetup
      • RF: Unstructured socializing
      • JD: No wireless
    • Josh and Shimon talk about interpersonal content management and Frassle
      • more
      • slides
      • SR: intro to Frassle
        • people shouldn’t blog about cats
        • They should follow Joey and Wendy instead
      • JA: We’re trying to reduce information overload by linking similar blogs together
        • “A second-hand opinion is better than no opinion.”
        • JS: Aren’t you adding to information overload by making better connections?
          • JA: Helps people filter what people might want
        • JA: talked about his cat Euclid
        • SR: generating and republishing content is important
        • JA: Frassle publisher
        • JA: “I’m an amatuer sumo wrestler. If you see me in the loin cloth, you’ll know it.”
        • JA: categories are important, interrelated categories link people to related feeds, things that might be of interest
        • SR: increasing the durability of online reputations
        • DW: how do they differentiate comments from other blog posts?

          • SR: don’t really know
          • DW: master-servant relationship to comments is important
          • SR: threads are important, not sure he should go back to making comments something special
          • JA: anytime anyone blogs about something in the blogosphere, it’s a comment whether it’s posted on their blog or not
          • DW: he sometimes wants to own the comments; he’s not trying to say “Put old-style comments back in,” he wants them to say something else
          • SR: watch our demo in a few minutes
        • JA: demos Frassle
          • JA: categorizing info will save it for later
          • MF: it won’t fall off your aggregator later?
          • SR: Yes, eventually
          • PS: something about Frassle sucking content in
          • JA: Yes, it does
        • JD: something about pulling the URLs out of posts
        • JA: shows threading and all that cool stuff
        • LW: sees the value of having related posts within a work group, important to know who else in the group is linking to the same information
        • JA: Publisher
        • SR: blogging on multiple blogs is clunky, with the Publisher, it’s easy to blog on one backend and post to multiple blogs on the front end
        • MF: can the blog reader reorganize the content on your blog
          • SR: not easily. s/he’d have to set up a publisher page to do it. We’re working toward that.
        • MF: files? like photos?
          • SR: it’s on the list, but not at the top yet
        • SR: not trying to build something like Wikipedia, authority through links instead and people can set up their own categorization/organizational scheme.
        • LW: If Google can do something, can’t Frassle do it better?
        • MF: Is Frassle just a giant echo chamber?
          • SR: that’s a concern
      • Taiwanese dim sum in Newton on Sunday, 9/26, Chung Shin Yuan, 183 California Street? They open at 11:30 am. Meet in the square at 10:45 am-ish or be at the restaurant around 11:20 am.
      • j sent the Harvard University Gazette Calendar a notice for our meetings for the listings.
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