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04/22/2004 Meeting Notes

Posted by j, 4/22/04 at 11:48:36 PM.
2004/04/22 Meeting notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • Sun: Sun
  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • TG: Tom Griffin
  • RH: Rick Heller
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon
  • DW: Dave Winer
  • j: j Baumgart

There was no Webcast or IRC.


  • Rebecca’s talk
    • j posted notes
    • discussion about the politics of North Korea
  • DW’s joke about Jews converting to Christianity for money, which he blogged a few months ago.
  • DW: Google played a joke on us today
    • Only geeks in RSS wars would understand
    • Google is looking for feeds, but they’re only supporting Atom feeds
    • discussion about it in the blogosphere, lots of concern
    • DW’s worried that Google’s actions will drive people to switch to Atom
    • RM suggests someone at AP could be a big ally
      • Google is not paying for the content on the Google News site
      • People don’t think Google should have as much power
    • DW: Google News isn’t that popular; people shouldn’t worry
    • DW: No matter what Google does, the New York Times will wait to hear from Dave about switching to Atom.

  • RH: metadata language for blog posts
    • what’s journalism, what isn’t
    • labeling type, distinguishing truth
    • news, opinion, reference, etc.
  • DW: people shouldn’t call anyone else an idiot on a blog
    • RH: you can call them a fucking retard instead
  • DW is trying to recruit someone to run the Thursday evening meetings, if the Thursday meetings will continue after he leaves
    • he thinks we should rewrite the meetings
      • one way is to recruit new bloggers
      • Sun suggested doing outreach to others who are interested
      • RH: let’s not meet during the summer because of low turnout
        • DW: the turnout is dwindling anyway
        • j: a lot of people have stopped coming because they don’t want to do anything with BloggerCon, which has consumed the last month or so of meetings
  • DW: There needs to be a better blog for the top level blog
  • DW will be away until May 4
    • RH: what about next week’s meeting
    • DW: Wendy might be able to help
      • DW: talk about what we should do with the group next year in his absence and if we want to do anything in particular with him during the next two months until he leaves
  • SR on categories: categories rock, DW should use them more
  • TG: wants to prolong discussions on blogs
  • DW: rotisserie software: comments don’t appear for 3 days, you can’t read anyone else’s comments because of the time delay
  • DW: anyone on the mail list can start a flame war
  • subservient chicken
  • debate on the war in Iraq and whether we should withdraw troops
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