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Thursday Citizen Journalists

Posted by Jay McCarthy, 1/5/04 at 1:39:47 PM.

One of the things we’ve talked about a lot at the Thursday Meetings has been to get citizens blogging about what goes on in their communities. This includes local politics and their opinions and thoughts on national politics. So, to live by example, some of us have been going to listen to the presidential candidates speaking and have been writing about it.

If you know of a citizen journalist who isn’t listed, please let us know!

Wesley Clark

2004-01-25: j attended a rally for Clark aftera town hall meeting with John Edwards.

2004-01-12: Dowbrigade went to see Wesley Clark in New Hampshire.

2004-01-05: Jay McCarthy blogged a speech in Nashua, NH.

2004-01-04: Jay McCarthy blogged a town meeting in Nashua, NH. There where three parts: The Speech, The Q&A, and The Closing.

2003-12-20: j and Dave Winer wrote about seeing Wesley Clark at a community center in Derry, New Hampshire. Dave also has photos. Notes from a campaign stop with Dick Gephardt also that day are below.

2003-11-09: Christopher Lydon interviewed Cameron Barrett, Clark’s official blogger.

2003-09-28: Christopher Lydon recorded Clark in Henniker, New Hampshire and gives some thoughts. Dave Winer writes about this visit.

2003-09-27: Dave Winer took pictures of a Clark visit.

2003-09-18: Christopher Lydon interviewed many bloggers about Clark.

Howard Dean

2003-12-21: Michael Feldman, Dave Winer, and j reported on their trip to listen to Howard Dean in Manchester, New Hampshire. Dave also posted photos. See below for reports on Joseph Lieberman during that same trip.

2003-11-21: Christopher Lydon interviewed Joe Trippi, Dean’s campaign manager.

2003-09-12: Christopher Lydon interviewed Matthew Gross, Dean’s official blogger.

2003-08-22: Christopher Lydon recorded Dean in New Hampshire.

John Edwards

2004-01-25: Marc Nozell reports on a
town hall meeting at a junior high school in Nashua. A disappointed j reports
from the overflow room

2004-01-24: Marc Nozell blogs a bowling alley appearance in Merrimack, NH.

2004-01-03: Jay McCarthy blogged a speech in Nashua, NH.

2003-09-09: Christopher Lydon recorded John Edwards in New Hampshire.

Dick Gephardt

2004-01-24: Looks like Michael arrived too late …

2003-12-20: Dave, j, and friends went to a Gephardt campaign stop at a BBQ restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. Dave posted his notes and photos and j just has text.

John Kerry

2004-01-24: j reports about three campaign events, including a hockey game featuring John Kerry. Michael has posted some terrific photographs and a discussion of the hockey game and a photo of a political celebrity at the event.

2004-01-07: Marc Nozell blogged a chili party in Merrimack, NH.

2004-01-02: Michael Feldman blogged a chili party in Milford, NH.

Dennis Kucinich

2004-01-24: j writes about a house party with Dennis Kucinich and two other candidate’s campaign events.

Joseph Lieberman

2004-01-24: j reports about three campaign events, including a
with Joseph Lieberman.

2003-12-21: Michael Feldman wrote about a conversation he had with Lieberman at a campaign stop at a bar in Manchester, New Hampshire.

j reports very briefly on Lieberman’s visit to the bar, too. Dave Winer posted photos

2003-11-09: Marc Nozell blogs Lieberman campaigning in NH.


Sam (sj) has a page on the candidates, too.

WBUR’s Vote by Issue Quiz has a variety of information on each of the candidates.

More on Citizen Journalism

Dave Winer frequently talks about it during our blog meetings, like this post about Je’ covering Wesley Clark.

Je’ also links to Richard, who addresses something Je’ said about citizen journalism and being able to tell bloggers from others.

Michael wrote a piece exploring the term “citizen journalism.”

Several people discussed it on the berkman-thursdays Yahoo! Group in early January, 2004.

USA Today printed an article about citizen journalism that focuses on bloggers covering politics. It mentions some of our Thursday night friends and their efforts.

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