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2006/05/25 Meeting Notes


  • EG: Erica George
  • TM: Tariq Mohammed (new to group, wants WP help)
  • Mike: Mike Walsh
  • Mal: Mal Watlington
  • BW: Will Wendell
  • Sun: Sun
  • SJ: SJ Klein


  • Helping out Tariq
  • (lots of specific WP and Berkman WP stuff.
  • We agree to try to have another all-WP tutorial night and widely publicize it
  • …and we found some bugs – problems with adding categories and having them actually show up on sidebar even when actively (newly) used…
  • …for having a calendar that shows up as a visual calendar on the harvard theme, it’d be really great to add a calendar to the harvard 1.0 theme, or to have a harvard 1.1 theme with calendar
  • Mike tells us about OPML camp… evidently small but great. Some great folks from out of town, especially, came in and so it had a pretty high level of great geekitude.
  • ijot
  • grazr
  • blog bridge
  • adam green gave great overview, also on mashups
  • “opml is a contact drug”
  • interestingly, second life was in opml camp…
  • Mal tells us about a super sexy fantastic new tablet compact pc called the OQO. We wants it, precioussss…. and a pic shows it all.
  • we drool. it seriously seems to have all the things you’d want in a high power really mobile laptop…
  • we should have a “show off your coolest toys” day…
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