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03/10/2005 Meeting Notes

Posted by j, 3/10/05 at 6:31:09 PM.

03/10/2005 Meeting Notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • EG: Erica George
  • AW: Amanda Watlington
  • MW: Mal Watlington Online Conversion & Beyond, Who Really Showed Up for Work Today
  • King
  • SG: Steve Garfield
  • WK: Wendy “I’m marrying blogging” Koslow
  • j: j Baumgart
  • SR: Shimon Rura
  • AH: Ann House
  • MW: Mike Walsh
  • LS
  • MF: Michael Feldman
  • PRW: Peter R. Wood (via IRC)
  • BS: Brett Stilwell
  • TJ: Tim Jarrett
  • JW: Jon Winsor
  • Elliott
  • Elaine
  • BI: Bill Ives

There will be no Webcast.



Proposed agenda:

  • Amanda Watlington is on The Chris Pirillo Show
    • Rent My Chest (no, not mine–Chris Pirillo’s) has a photo of Chris and several of his chest
  • Blogging politicians
    • SG: John Tobin, Jr., Boston city councillor, wants to come to one of our meetings
  • Berkman Fellow Urs wants to come talk to us at some point in the future about how bloggers establish credentials.
  • I wonder if anyone wants to talk about Nightline.
  • T-shirts
    • Let’s do T-shirts as a fundraiser for the group. We can use the $$$$ for technology, maybe Webcasting again
    • WK: We could do T-shirts and it would be fun
    • The room: Yea, let’s.
    • EG: If we do Cafe Press, they own the design.
    • j: Let’s try a local T-shirt maker, then.
    • Two design ideas from gapingvoid:
  • Policy about swag
    • WK: Free food is one thing. Accepting free goods is something else. I can’t do that because of my job. Free food is fine, though.
    • SR: I’d be happy to help Wendy with her free stuff problem. I can accept things on her behalf.
    • JA: I’m happy to accept any cars on Wendy’s behalf.
    • SR: If it fell of a truck, we could take it, couldn’t we?
    • AW: It’s a question of materiality.
    • WK: It’s a bunch of questions. If people do this, does it mean we do free advertising for them?

    • MW: Maybe we need a list explaining what each of us will accept. JA will accept cars. I will accept a Caribbean junket.
    • WK: What if we do it on a case by case basis?””>Portals and KM
    • MF: can people working on Harvard’s server do ads?
    • j: sj has ads
    • WK: check the license agreement
  • Shimon’s list of what we need for free streaming audio
    • SR: we need a reliable computer that can get on Harvard’s network
    • WK: but no one comes every week with a laptop that gets on the network
    • everyone in the room looked at j
    • What if we met someplace besides the Berkman Center

    • j: The Berkman Center provides more than just space for us to meet, you know. We’d lose a lot if we moved.
    • SG: Well, isn’t there some restaurant or some place with wifi we could meet at every week?
    • WK: We wouldn’t have a projector or screen, etc.
    • SR: Our best bet for getting reliable wifi for other group members is going door-to-door in the neighborhood to ask if people would open their networks to us.
    • BI: I can do wifi in my apartment, but I can’t accommodate that many people.
    • WK: Maybe we could do that for special projects, but we’d lost the projector.
    • MF: We’d lose a lot if we left the space.
    • MF: Webcasting is a great opportunity to get Berkman’s name out there. How can we convince the powers that be to improve our access.

    • WK: The problem isn’t necessarily Berkman. It’s FAS. We’re part of their network, so their tech people would be the ones who have to grant us access.
    • PRWOOD: What about Icecast? Their parent org is registered in Somerville. Maybe they’re local.
  • Blogging 101
    • MF: discussed what the tutorials should look like
    • MF: we need a room where everyone has their own machine and there’s a project
    • MF: won’t be around for the next few weeks, but will be monitoring the wiki
    • MF: asked the folks at Boston University about using a training room
    • MF: Lisa’s looking at doing screenshots and such
  • M/Eating at The Wrap
    • Sure: let’s look into it
  • Skiing on Sunday with Lisa
  • What else?
  • Eat

    • Last week: Smile Thai and somewhere else
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