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10/20/2005 Meeting Notes


* EG: Erica George
* LS: Sun
* BI: Bill Ives
* BD: Betsy Devine
* AH: Ann House
* SR: Shimon Rura
* CS: Chris Schmidt
* DEF: Deborah Elizabeth Finn
* LB: Lynne Baer
* EY: Elaine Yuan
* BW: Bill Wendel
* DB: Dustin Boyer


  • Nifty and long introductions that rock.
  • it turns out Krispy Kreme is a total meme today
  • Deborah has a nigty thing on her blog about the net cafe at the state house next week run by MassINC
  • Welcome to Net2
  • Livejournal is implementing a security measure to encourage people to use secure passwords
  • Bill has some neat real estate stuff (note to self: add later)
  • talk about Livejournal’s phoneposts as compared to podcasts; Livejournal’s threaded comments and ability to email comments. WordPress also now has a plugin for something like this.
  • Why is DEF’s Blogware blog sometimes only available on IE and not Firefox? How weird.
  • “reader accounts” on Blogware and the need for authentication to comment in places – OpenID (an actually open actually distributed identity system) and how wonderful it will be when it’s finally broadly in use.
  • Comment and trackback and referrer spam
  • how annoying it is when people link to things without givign any info about what it is and you can’t tell from the link
  • Stick around for the Wikimania meeting!
    • The Boston bid:
    • Add anything spiffy about Boston that could help our case
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