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03/29/2007 Meeting Notes

Posted by j, 3/29/07 at 7:25:45 PM.

It seems almost futile to do meeting notes when this blog is going to move soon, but, well, here goes anyway.

Mike Walsh
Bill W.

Michael was the only one who showed up for the 6 pm session. When I came in at 6:30 pm, I answered his specific questions about the import.


  • Introductions
  • 3/29: Regina O’Brien of Boston NOW on their new user-fed online-and-offline free daily paper. Boston Globe article on the paper.
    • We don’t want to be a typical newspaper.

    • We want people to be able to read us in twenty minutes.
    • We don’t plan to cover important local news, like the marathon. We want to stretch beyond what the mainstream media reports. We want to snag the news that falls into the gaps.
    • 5 day weekly paper
    • We’ll go live ~April 17. Everyone else will have the marathon as the leading story. We will not.
    • We want to be the voice of the community. What better way to do that than to get the community to participate?
    • We want to make it very easy for people to submit content to us.
    • BostonNow doesn’t want to take people’s copyrights or exclusivity.
    • They want to work on a reward system with the community’s input.
      • Money is nice, but what about things you can’t buy?
      • Press passes
      • Interview opportunities with stars
      • Opportunity to publish, build portfolio
      • Opportunity to share
    • The contributors are a mix of experienced journalists, wire pieces, and bloggers.
    • ZB: what about relicensing content?
      • R: Yes, we want to do that. We have a potential partner interested in redistributing our content plus the blog content. Money will go to the bloggers.
    • Plan for growth to other cities.
  • MIT Spam Conference March 30, featuring j and Amanda!
  • Anything else
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