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09/29/2005 Meeting Notes

These notes are a best effort. Blog your corrections and commentary.


BS: Brett Stilwell
AW: Amanda Watlington
j: j
D: Dustin from a ‘little known program in the Law School,’, read the post about scavenging
DEF: Deborah Finn
JD: Jared Dunn
EG: Erica George
MS: Marshall Spriggs, Notes from the Cafe Fiasco
RF: Randy Fenstermacher
LB: Lynn Baer
BW: Bill Wedell


AH: Ann House
SJ: SJ Klein

  • Introductions
  • Brief report-backs from cool events this week:
    • Bill Ives at Berkman’s Luncheon Series on Tuesday, 9/27

      • D: talked about the situation broached in the talk where someone claimed Italian bloggers were spreading bad information about his company
      • blogs are different because there’s no oversight; if it was a newspaper, the business would have legal recourse

      • suggests finding Italian bloggers to counterblog the other blog
      • AW: sometimes feeding them makes things worse, gives them more fodder
    • Jim Reese, formerly of Google, talks about the search engine on Wednesday, 9/28, 4 pm, 115 Maxwell Dworkin
    • no one went

  • Announcement: Vlogger gathering, Sunday, October 9, 6 pm

  • If anyone cool from MIT’s tech conference shows up, let’s let them talk.
  • $$$ for guest speakers
    • Sometimes, the group might incur expenses relating to speakers being here. How do we want to handle this?
      • Avoid the expenses at all costs?
      • Pay for some expenses out of pocket?
      • Or … ?
    • We’ll talk more on the list
  • occasionally switching days to accommodate guest speakers
    • meeting on Thursday is pretty important to people
    • we can do things not on Thursday, but still meet on Thursday

  • j wants to present pieces of a draft of her upcoming talk on feeds to librarians so she can get, well, feedback
    • Harvard Gazette headlines via RSS!!!!

  • Upcoming:
    • Next week: Amanda Watlington on blogs and search engines and stuff
    • Tuesday 10/11: A guest blogger you won’t want to miss: Hoder!
      • How does Yom Kippur affect our meeting on 10/13? Should we meet?
        • We’ll still meet.
        • Do something with Hoder, maybe something informal, like dinner
    • 10/20: First joint meeting with the Boston Weblogger Meetup Group
      • 3rd Thursday of the month
    • 10/27: something wiki this way comes with the Wikipedia Meetup folks
    • 11/3: Archiving weblogs, as in how archives that are interested in saving diaries might preserve blogs
    • Potential topics:
      • Semantic Web
      • the folks behind reddit, a community news site
  • What else?
  • sending Berkman events to the list
    • EG’s going to send an e-mail to the list inviting people to subscribe to the Berkman events list
  • Eat:
    • Last week: ??
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