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URGENT: Migrate Off Manila *NOW*


Because of major server issues, it is imperative that anyone who has content on the Manila server hosted by Harvard get whatever content they would like in the next two weeks. The server administrators need to shut the server down permanently.

Information about migrating from the Manila server to the WordPress server is available in the help documentation.

Before blog group this week, there will be a special meeting from 6 to 7 pm dealing with migrating blogs from Manila to WordPress and getting content off the Manila server. j will demonstrate how to migrate a weblog.

If you plan to try to migrate your Manila weblog to the WordPress server during the demo, you will need to bring a computer with working wireless capabilities, remember at least one administrator username and password to the Manila weblog, and have access to the administrator e-mail account.

If you would like to backup your weblog before migration using Wget or Manila’s backup capabilities, you should probably do that before the meeting. Wget takes a long time, but provides a good backup in HTML. The Manila backup is rather fast, but it produces a file only another Manila server administrator can work with.

The server administrators hope people will move their content by Monday, April 9 Wednesday, April 11. Because of the urgency of the situation, everyone needs to act fast. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

Addendum 3/28: The server administrators posted a note about the need for migration. They adjusted the date by two days. People now have until April 11 to get their content off Manila.

Also, Kim posted some Python scripts and instructions for using them to backup a Manila blog into HTML files on j’s scratchpad. j will discuss these scripts and how to use them at the meeting Thursday night.

Addendum 3/29: I ran the script to backup this weblog last night. It has 650 blog posts on it. It took approximately 2 hours to run. However, I realized this morning the script misses a major section of the weblog: the Stories. If I have time today, I will try to fidget with the script to get that download working.

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