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2004/04/01 Proposed Agenda


Proposed agenda:

  • BloggerCon II

    • BloggerCon parties

      • Sooz’ proposed venue for Saturday night’s party

        • Not finalized yet.  Other suggestions floating around.

      • Mike’s ideas for Friday night socializing

        • Durgin Park meet & greet dinner, starting @7… $25 cover.
        • note: sooz has been awesome, and has made a prelim resv for 100. 

      • Dim sum that Sunday, like what j’s organized before.

        • will label the table or something to make finding the group easier
        • several large tables could be possible, but it won’t be the best setting for lots of people to easily network together

    • BloggerCon food

      • What to do about lunch on Saturday in one hour?

        • Move things back half an hour, maybe.
        • Get individuals to make rsvtions at fave local restaurants, have signup sheets (w/limited numbers per locale) that morning for lunch — no topics, just a fun meal
        • Dutch lunch; everyone signs up on a lunch-list and/or picks their own.

      • Food for Thought dinners

        • (in the irc logs…)

    • Session proposals

      • chicks’ session now a users’ session.
      • one irc channel per session? 

    • Volunteers

      • Session monitors

        • Je’s sending out another round of RfVolunteers, then there’ll be a public list of volunteers

      • Registration table
      • Other needs for help

        • location, location, location.  for F night parties of course.

  • Critt wants to talk about
  • Eat

    • Penang last week
    • What will be next?  ca. 7:57, I predict the Commons.  ca 8:07, getting there…
Wendy Koslow moderated in Dave Winer’s absence.  Rocking.

The meeting will be back at the Berkman Center. We aren’t certain this meeting will be Webcast with a quality microphone. We are looking into the situation. A fine fellow plans to bring his MP3 recorder, so audio may be available after the meeting.

Like past and future agendas, if you have an item you’d like on the agenda, comment, get blogging privileges from Jay , or contact him or the other j.

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