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Wireless Mic Research

During Source Boston I became fascinated by the idea of using SDR to listen in on wireless mics. It occurred to me that corporate meetings in hotels with lots of sensitive information are probably vulnerable to that type of eavesdropping. I looked into encrypted wireless mics but they are very expensive and I can’t imagine a lot of people outside of the Fortune 10, military, and some parts of the government can afford them.
My first find was a page of wireless mics that were in the 700Mhz range and now banned by the FCC for intruding upon emergency communications. [1] @0xabad1dea pointed out rather quickly this wasn’t the list I thought it was. But I had also scraped together another list from product pages I’d browsed the previous evening.
G1 Band 470-530 Mhz
H4 Band 518-578 Mhz
J5 Band 578-638 Mhz
L3 Band 638-698 Mhz

Once I get a better grasp of GnuRadio I can probably cobble together a wireless mic scanner for the next conference I visit. Or maybe just hang around hotel lobbies and look for stray conversations.


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