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Google Confirms YouTube Blocked in China

Google officially confirmed today that YouTube has been blocked in China, from a steep drop in traffic on the evening of March 23 to “near zero” by March 24. Since March 23, 146 reports of YouTube’s inaccessibility have streamed into Herdict. These reports appear to confirm a national blackout of YouTube, which was unavailable in […]

Herdict Captures Downtime

Popular document-leaking site has come under fire a number of times this year for leaking the web site block lists for countries, including Denmark. Last week, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) blocked access to the Wikileaks article containing the list of blocked sites, as well as the Wikileaks press release regarding the […]

Heard around the world!

Hey Herdict users – as Jillian notes today, you talked, and Herdict listened. And now Herdict is learning some new tongues. As we work on our Arabic and Chinese language versions of Herdict, we’re also creating — with lots and lots of help from friends — non-English versions of Shep the sheep to help spread […]

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