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Censorship law in Russia raises grave concerns for internet freedom

On November 1, Russia’s latest internet censorship law came into effect. The new measure, titled “On the Protection of Children From Information Harmful to Their Health and Development,” establishes a registry of sites with content judged harmful to children. Sites that contain child pornography or that promote self-harm or drug use may be placed on […]

Facebook Content Deletion: Anti-Spam or Censorship?

Facebook’s policy on censorship is back in the spotlight this month after their removal of an image containing anti-Obama sentiments from the Special Operations Speaks PAC’s (SOS) Facebook page.  The image, created in the style of a meme, refers to the Navy SEALS’ capture of Osama Bin Laden under President Barack Obama’s orders.  It then alleges that […]

Ample room for improvement in spam filtering practices

A recent article from Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton highlights the risks inherent in any automated filtering system– even one that is well intentioned. Haselton runs a mailing list through which he informs his users of web proxies, which can be used to circumvent filtering. He regularly distributes information about new proxies as existing ones become […]