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Facebook Content Deletion: Anti-Spam or Censorship?

Facebook’s policy on censorship is back in the spotlight this month after their removal of an image containing anti-Obama sentiments from the Special Operations Speaks PAC’s (SOS) Facebook page.  The image, created in the style of a meme, refers to the Navy SEALS’ capture of Osama Bin Laden under President Barack Obama’s orders.  It then alleges that […]

US responds to China’s heightened censorship

China restricted access to US news agency Bloomberg this past week.  According to Bloomberg spokesperson Ty Trippet this is in reaction to a recent article divulging the familial wealth of Xi Jinping, the man expected to be the next Chinese president.  The article, which ran June 29, explains the extreme wealth of the Xi family, […]

Tweeting reports takes off

It’s been a week since we announced our new tweeting reports to Herdict functionality, and in that time we’ve seen more reports via twitter than via our Firefox add-on.  Tunisia and Thailand have received the most reports, but we’ve also seen tweeted reports from Canada, France, Sudan and the US. Remember you can always email […]

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