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Russian ISP temporarily blocks LiveJournal portal on a court order

A Russian Internet service provider unintentionally blocked the entire Russian portal of LiveJournal in one region of Russia while fulfilling a court order to block one LiveJournal blog.  Though service to LiveJournal has been restored, the incident demonstrates the ease of overblocking, made all the easier following the passage of a new law in Russia […]

BREIN battles WordPress proxy

With online freedom of expression under constant threat, some people help maintain an open Internet by using proxies or mirroring content.  However, creating new routes of access to blocked sites has traditionally been daunting for the less tech-savvy.  Several recent projects are aiming to making circumvention easier; in turn, they are becoming targets of censorship […]

Possible blocking of WordPress blogs in Iran

In a recent blog post from, and Iranian blog, there has been a report of filtration in Iran blocking all of WordPress yesterday, Sunday the 13th. The blog expected the blockage to be a mistake and was expecting a statement as to the error or a resolution of the blocking, but, alas, no new […]

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