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New Look, New Features for Herdict!

When we unveiled our new home page design in April, I mentioned that this was just a placeholder while we worked on a more drastic redesign and some great new features.  Today I’m excited to announce the release of the new Herdict site and several of those new features. The first thing you’ll notice is […]

Continued Reports of Closed Iranian Intranet

Reports of plans for a nationwide intranet to replace the world wide web in Iran have surfaced once again. The Telegraph claims that Iran is planning “to move key ministries and state bodies off the worldwide internet next month” as part of “a project to replace the global internet with a domestic intranet system scheduled […]

Brazilian congress to vote on Internet Bill of Rights, potentially postponed

The Brazilian Government is scheduled to vote on a newly drafted a bill of rights for Internet users.  Global Voices explains that the proposed ‘Marco Civil da Internet’, [E]stablishes a clear set of rights and responsibilities for users, sets strong net neutrality principles, and shields Internet intermediaries (Internet service providers, hosting platforms, social networking and […]

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