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Internet Crowdsourcing of Wenzhou Train Crash in China

This week, we’re profiling another intersection between the Internet and crowd-sourcing, relating to a recent train crash in China. Last Saturday, a train on the high speed rail system crashed in Wenzhou, part of the  eastern Zhejian province. The crash came amid growing concerns about the safety of China’s rapidly expanding high speed rail system. […]

Telex: Deep Packet Inspection for Good

This week, the Internet was abuzz with news of a new censorship circumvention measure. That would be Telex– the system proposed by researchers at the University of Michigan to get around traditional censorship measures. It’s currently only a proof of concept, however, we’re excited about its future.Telex’s promise is its difference from other anti-censorship and […]

New Herdict Features: In-Depth Sheets

This week, we’re spotlighting some of the new features of Herdict 2.0. Each day, expect an exploration of our new visualization tools, combined with interesting data.Today, as our last installment, we’re focusing on the in-depth sheet, which is a way to view a lot of Herdict data in one convenient package. We’ll cover each part […]

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