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Updated Privacy Policy

Over the past year, Herdict has added several new features.  During this process we realized that the privacy policy for the site hadn’t been updated since Herdict began.  Although Herdict has grown and changed, what hasn’t changed is our strong commitment to maintaining responsible data practices–and making sure that our users understand what those practices […]

Social Media Censorship

Recently, Facebook has been accused of actively censoring the accounts of conservative bloggers. As might be expected, Facebook posters from the opposite end of the social and political spectrum have reported liberal censorship as well. Perhaps the problem isn’t a systematic political bias, but instead overzealous application of censorship defined by Facebook’s community standards. Individual […]

Executive order on cyberthreat information sharing has implications for online speech

After touching on cybersecurity in last month’s State of the Union, President Obama signed an executive order to promote increased information sharing about cyberthreats between government agencies and private corporations. The executive order directs government agencies to produce timely unclassified reports on cyberthreats for Congress and to facilitate the sharing classified cyberthreat information with private […]