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Omani users subject to India’s content filtering due to “upstream filtering”

New research from our colleagues at the OpenNet Initiative and Citizen Lab demonstrates how one country’s Internet content filtering can have a significant impact on other countries.  Researchers discovered an example of “upstream filtering” in which content filtering by ISPs in India is restricting content access for customers of Oman’s ISP because of ISP routing […]

Google’s Transparency Report Shows Rise in Takedown Requests

The latest dataset from Google’s transparency report shows a dramatic rise in the number of takedown requests from governments, including democratic governments not typically associated with censorship. Content removal requests are made on a variety of grounds from allegations of defamation to violation of local hate speech laws, though Google notes on its blog that […]

Anonymous’s “Operation India” targets an emerging pattern of censorship

Last week hacker collective Anonymous turned its attention to India and to what some have called India’s “long murky past” of Internet censorship. The organization launched “Operation India” on Thursday, May 17 with attacks that took down the websites of the Supreme Court of India, All India Congress, the Department of Telecomm, and the Ministry […]