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Saudi Arabia Reportedly Blocking Activists’ Twitter Accounts

In its short life, Twitter has become massively popular around the world as a platform for rapid communication.  Users from Kansas to Kandahar can chat with each other using the Web interface, their cell phones, or a variety of programs, and despite the language gap, it seems that many do. So, when reports of Twitter […]

Is Twitter Down? Maybe Herdict Knows!

This morning, a flood of Herdict reports rushed in, telling us that Twitter was inaccessible in the United States.  Of course, Twitter addicts that we are, we already knew, and some of us had already checked the Twitter-specific test site,, for answers. Although the site provides a quick answer as to whether or not […]

Herdict on the wire

Read the AP story on Herdict here. It’s also already been run by Yahoo News UK, Fox 43 in Harrisburg, PA, and Denver Post.