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Tightening Control: Four Scary Things Happening to the Russian Internet

A couple of weeks ago a Russian Member of Parliament Sergei Zheleznyak used the NSA revelations as an opportunity to call for Russia to reclaim “digital sovereignty” and create what he referred to as a national server for the Russian internet. The Deputy Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament proposed a system which would require […]

State of Internet Censorship in Russia

Russia has a long history with Internet censorship, but recent legislation gives the government more power than ever to restrict online speech.  Russia’s government has not needed special legislation in order to stifle online speech.  For example, in 2004 the Kremlin pressured Lithuania into shutting down the Kavkaz Center, a website of an independent, international […]

Russian ISP temporarily blocks LiveJournal portal on a court order

A Russian Internet service provider unintentionally blocked the entire Russian portal of LiveJournal in one region of Russia while fulfilling a court order to block one LiveJournal blog.  Though service to LiveJournal has been restored, the incident demonstrates the ease of overblocking, made all the easier following the passage of a new law in Russia […]

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