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Increased News and Social Media Accessibility Following Iran’s Election

Herdict data from Iran indicates increasing accessibility of news and social media websites following the country’s June 15 election. Iran was public about its attempts to limit coverage of the election and limit Internet speeds in the period of time leading up to election day. Examination of Herdict data offers some insight into the kinds of sites […]

Data Shows Internet Inaccessibility During Iranian Election

In the lead up to the presidential elections, Iranians grappled with a more restricted Internet. We know the government slowed Internet speeds (again) in the days before the country’s June 15 elections because it acknowledged as much. But research by ASL 19 and Herdict indicates the problems this month were far more extensive than simply slow connections. Herdict […]

Tightening Control: Four Scary Things Happening to the Russian Internet

A couple of weeks ago a Russian Member of Parliament Sergei Zheleznyak used the NSA revelations as an opportunity to call for Russia to reclaim “digital sovereignty” and create what he referred to as a national server for the Russian internet. The Deputy Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament proposed a system which would require […]

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