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Herdict’s 2012 Vietnam data

As we described in our 2012 Year In Review, Herdict saw a large increase in reports from Vietnam last year. In 2012, Herdict received over twenty thousand inaccessible reports from Vietnam, making it the country with the second-highest number of inaccessible reports, behind China.The total number of reports submitted from Vietnam more than doubled between […]

Google quietly undoes censorship notification feature for Chinese users

On January 4, 2013, (a Herdict partner) broke the news that in early December 2012, Google quietly removed a feature that informed Chinese search users about which of their search terms may be subject to government censorship. Google implemented the feature in May 2012, and provided a notice to users when their search query […]

China’s New Leaders and the Strengthening of Online Censorship

Internet censorship in China, which has long been pervasive, has become even greater in recent weeks, to the point that even those in China who could usually find ways to get around the imposed restrictions are struggling to view sites such as and The LA Times reports that the tech-savvy Internet users in […]

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