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China’s New Leaders and the Strengthening of Online Censorship

Internet censorship in China, which has long been pervasive, has become even greater in recent weeks, to the point that even those in China who could usually find ways to get around the imposed restrictions are struggling to view sites such as and The LA Times reports that the tech-savvy Internet users in […]

China blocks NY Times after Wen Jiabao article

Herdict reports confirm that as of Sunday, October 28, China is continuing to block access to both the English- and Chinese-language New York Times websites. On Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, search terms related to the family or wealth of Wen Jiabao are also blocked, according to the China Digital Times, a website for […]

Google, countries restrict access to controversial anti-Islam video

Over the past week, anti-American protests spread across North Africa and the Middle East in response to an American-made anti-Islam video that mocks the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a lecherous fraud. As a result, both Google and various countries have moved toward either restricting access to the controversial video or YouTube as a whole. After […]

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