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Google’s New Tactic in China

According to the Associate Press and other sources, Google’s presence in China is taking some new challenges as it tries to cope with censorship and restrictions. Following Google’s redirection of Chinese searches to its Hong Kong site back in March of this year, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about what will happen […]

Pakistan moves in with more censorship

On the heels of recent Internet censorship controversies in Pakistan, news reports claim a Pakistani court has ordered more censorship against various sites. The new list includes: YouTube Yahoo MSN Hotmail Bing Google Amazon Islam Exposed and In The Name Of Allah After a recent Youtube and Facebook blockages by the Pakistani government, this move […]

Hackers retaliate as Turkey’s censorship tightens

Drama is continuing to unfold in Turkey. After website access outages and slowdowns on June 3rd for a variety of Google web services, the Ankara Public Prosecutor requested government IP blocking yesterday to be placed on 44 IP addresses associated with further YouTube and Google services. The Turkish court granted the IP blocks, and the […]

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