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Egypt joins a select few

As protests have intensified, the internet has been shut down in Egypt.  We’ve seen a precipitous drop in reports.  Renesys is now reporting that 93% of Egyptian networks are unreachable.  The graph at the left, citing Arbor Networks data, has been circulating that illustrates a similar drop in traffic. Cutting off all internet communications is […]

What the herd is saying in Egypt

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on how to interpret the reports coming into Herdict from Egypt.  First a note on how Herdict works:  Herdict collects reports from individual users on the ground as to whether or not they can get to their desired site.  Herdict captures what users see as inaccessible at any […]

Twitter Inaccessible in Egypt Amid Ongoing Protests

Reports coming out of Egypt today indicate that Twitter has become inaccessible in the country amid civil unrest in the country. TechCruch cited Herdict reports today as they continue covering the protests in real time. Fourteen inaccessibility reports for Twitter in Egypt were filed on Herdict just today, with 16 total coming from the country […]

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