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The Crackdown on Hacktivism

Last month, Internet activist Aaron Swartz, one of the creators of RSS and Reddit and leaders of the campaign against SOPA/PIPA, sadly passed away after hanging himself in his New York apartment. He was due to stand trial on charges of computer fraud, after having allegedly downloaded millions of documents from JSTOR, an academic journal […]

DDoS attacks disable independent news sites during Russian protests

On Tuesday, at the same time that thousands of Russians marched through Moscow to protest President Vladimir Putin, the websites of three independent Russian news organizations suffered distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, rendering them temporarily inaccessible during the height of the protests.  The coordination of such attacks with organized mass protests or elections has […]

Hackers retaliate as Turkey’s censorship tightens

Drama is continuing to unfold in Turkey. After website access outages and slowdowns on June 3rd for a variety of Google web services, the Ankara Public Prosecutor requested government IP blocking yesterday to be placed on 44 IP addresses associated with further YouTube and Google services. The Turkish court granted the IP blocks, and the […]