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China’s New Leaders and the Strengthening of Online Censorship

Internet censorship in China, which has long been pervasive, has become even greater in recent weeks, to the point that even those in China who could usually find ways to get around the imposed restrictions are struggling to view sites such as and The LA Times reports that the tech-savvy Internet users in […]

Syrian Internet slows during Friday protests once again

Last Friday, activists from Syria reported an Internet slowdown amid continued protests. The following chart from the Google Transparency Report confirms that Internet connectivity was spotty and irregular on Friday, though it was not a full-fledged outage: According to a Renesys blogpost on Syrian web traffic, “while traffic levels were reduced (perhaps throttled or rate-limited, […]

Syrian Networks and Government Websites Back Up After 24 Hour Outage

On Friday morning, the government-sponsored news agency Syria News reported Internet outages in Damascus, Aleppo, and other provinces. Shortly thereafter, the outage was covered by sources from The Washington Post to Al-Jazeera’s liveblog, and in the OpenNet Initiative blogpost from that day. Renesys, the Internet security firm that initially documented the blackout, reported on Saturday […]

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