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Recent Restrictions to the Internet in Bahrain

Added to the growing list of countries subjected to Internet restrictions in light of the MENA revolutions is Bahrain, whose citizens have experienced severe limitations to online access in the past two months. The Huffington Post reported in February that traffic from Bahrain has decreased anywhere from 10% to as much as 20% since January. […]

Internet Filtering in the Jasmine Revolution

As protests and unrest continue to destabilize the Middle East and North Africa, the effects of these popular revolutions have predictably affected Internet access in these countries. Below is a list of recent filtering measures implemented by governments who continue to face opposition from their citizens. Internet traffic from Libya has been following a curfew […]

Friday Top 5: Inaccessible Sites, Week Ending 4/24

We here at Herdict are always fascinated by what shows up in our reports; When YouTube was most recently blocked in China, we were amongst the first to know. And when Wikileaks was down for 12 hours, reports poured in through the Herdict Reporter informing us of its temporary absence. It is with this fascination […]