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In your own backyard

One of the common misconceptions we hear is that internet filtering only happens abroad. Certainly, there are some governments with more restrictive policies than others, and we track those. But, filtering is not just an “over there” practice. TechCrunch began reporting yesterday that AT&T was blocking some bulletin boards maintained on the site.  The […]

It’s your Herdict

Do you ever think, “Herdict is great, but I wish it would…”?  Here, in the sheep cave, we’re thinking about where to take Herdict next.  We’d like to make Herdict more interactive and encourage more sheep to participate.  Afterall, the more reports we get, the better picture we get of the entire herd. We’re thinking […]

Expanding the Herd

We’re always trying to get as many people involved in reporting sites to Herdict. This week, we’re launching an exciting trial to see if we can get a wider group of people participating via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.  This is a call for all MTurkers to come join the herd! If successful, we intend to extend […]

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