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Social Media Censorship

Recently, Facebook has been accused of actively censoring the accounts of conservative bloggers. As might be expected, Facebook posters from the opposite end of the social and political spectrum have reported liberal censorship as well. Perhaps the problem isn’t a systematic political bias, but instead overzealous application of censorship defined by Facebook’s community standards. Individual […]

China’s New Leaders and the Strengthening of Online Censorship

Internet censorship in China, which has long been pervasive, has become even greater in recent weeks, to the point that even those in China who could usually find ways to get around the imposed restrictions are struggling to view sites such as and The LA Times reports that the tech-savvy Internet users in […]

Huge Internet response to ‘Declaration of Internet Freedom’

Slate writes about the newly drafted Declaration of Internet Freedom.  The blog entry explains the need for Internet freedom–not as an issue of left vs. right, but as something that matters “to everyone who cares about the health and future of democracy.”  They link to an official declaration, which was posted on reddit, Techdirt, Cheezburger, […]

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