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Heard around the world!

Hey Herdict users – as Jillian notes today, you talked, and Herdict listened. And now Herdict is learning some new tongues.

As we work on our Arabic and Chinese language versions of Herdict, we’re also creating — with lots and lots of help from friends — non-English versions of Shep the sheep to help spread the word, increase the herd, and thereby increase the effectiveness of Herdict.

On the Berkman Center YouTube channel, the Herdict video has been translated into Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Malagasy.
(For those for whom YouTube is, ironically, blocked, the English video is also available on ikbis, as well as here, here, and on Facebook.)

And check out the growing library of subtitled versions available on dotSUB (completed: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (traditional), Danish, Indonesian, Portugese (Brazil), Spanish; Castilian; close to completion: Dutch; Flemish, French, Hungarian, Malagasy, Russian).

Please share, embed, help spread the video! and, of course, keep those reports coming.

Big, big thanks to the many folks who have pitched in on our non-English work.

As always, if you have any suggestions on any aspect of Herdict, send us an email at contact[at]herdict[dot]org.

About the Author: Jillian York

Jillian C. York is the Project Coordinator for the OpenNet Initiative and the part of the Herdict team that you should contact if you have any questions about other-language instances of the site or international press. She created most of the textual content on the site, so if you spot something funny, let her know! She's also the face behind the @Herdict Twitter feed.

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