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HTTP 451: status code for censorship proposed

Most Internet users are familiar with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status codes that tell users that something went wrong.  When it comes to ISP or government-initiated filtering, however, the existing codes are uninformative. The 4xx class of codes signal when the end user has apparently made some mistake.  For example, the familiar code 404 […]

DDoS attacks disable independent news sites during Russian protests

On Tuesday, at the same time that thousands of Russians marched through Moscow to protest President Vladimir Putin, the websites of three independent Russian news organizations suffered distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, rendering them temporarily inaccessible during the height of the protests.  The coordination of such attacks with organized mass protests or elections has […]

China plans broader changes to Internet regulations

Weeks after major Chinese microblogs announced changes to their user contract to better regulate incoming content, and just days after Google announced it would alert gmail users of any potential state-sponsored intrusion of their accounts, China has proposed to further bolster the guidelines and purview of their national Internet policy. According to the Wall Street […]

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