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Money for nothin and chicks for free?

This story ran in the Washington Post on July 13th [“In Zimbabwe, Fewer Affairs and Less HIV“], but it recently came up in conversation and I realized I hadn’t posted it… doing so now. It follows neatly on Epstein’s concurrency thesis.

CHITUNGWIZA, Zimbabwe — It’s not only the prices of bread and eggs that are out of control in Zimbabwe, land of 4,000 percent inflation. For the man inclined to cheat on his wife, these are trying times. Keeping a mistress, visiting a prostitute or even taking a girlfriend out for beers is simply becoming too expensive, men say.

But their strain is Zimbabwe’s gain in its fight against AIDS. Alone among southern African countries, Zimbabwe has shown a significant drop in its HIV rate in recent years. A major reason, researchers say, is the changing sexual habits of men forced to
abandon costly multiple relationships…

Read the full story on the Washington Post

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