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Uganda: Medics Want Circumcision Added to ABC

(via 27 Jane NafulaKampala MEDICS have asked the government to integrate medical circumcision for men into the ABC strategy to further contain the spread of HIV. The ABC strategy is being used in Uganda to control the HIV/Aids epidemic by promoting abstinence, faithfulness, and condom use. However, some medics and other professionals are now […]

The next advocacy campaign

There is an emerging debate in healthy advocacy about the wisdom of focusing funding so much on fighting a few diseases. Is AIDS money truly additional money that would not have gone for other purposes or is AIDS taking money out of child survival, maternal health and other worthy areas of expenditure? (Jeremy Shiffman of […]

Dem’s coming round on HIV/AIDS funding

Well, in what I’m sure was a direct response to criticism by blogs like this one (joke!) that the Democrats were about to underfund U.S. contributions to the fight against AIDS, Democratic leaders in Congress are starting to put more money into the budget. The Times reported on February 2nd that: But the new Democratic […]