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What Brazil did

From the Kaiser Daily HIV report: “Fighting HIV – Lessons from Brazil,” New England Journal of Medicine: Susan Okie, a contributing editor of NEJM, examines the factors that have contributed to Brazil’s success in slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country. Okie found Brazil’s “persistent and aggressive” HIV prevention efforts have played an important […]

AIDS Program Effort Index (API)

This index tracks the level of effort countries have dedicated to combatting AIDS in their country. It’s a bit like the Transparency International Index, surveying practitioners to get their sense of the level of effort countries have dedicated to combatting the disease. Here is the summary from a website where the report is available: This […]

Princeton HIV/AIDS Workshop May 5th

This past Friday, May 5th, a number of us academic-y types met a Princeton to discuss the “Politics and Policy of HIV/AIDS.” This day-long event was meant to bring those of us political scientists who write on HIV/AIDS together to discuss common challenges for studying this topic and to look for synergies in research strategies. […]

Princeton HIV/AIDS Workshop May 5th

A number of us scholarly folk met this past week at a workshop on the “Politics and Policy of HIV/AIDS” at Princeton on May 5th. Presenters included Evan Lieberman and Josh Busby of Princeton, Sue Peterson of the College of William and Mary, Susan Sell of George Washington University, Nathan Paxton of Harvard, and Jessica […]

ABC from the ground up

“While virginity might seem a desirable state of being to some people, it is as useful in HIV/AIDS prevention as advising people to stay inside in order to reduce traffic accidents…” – Joke van Kampen in the DrumBeat “The ABC D isaster”World AIDS Day 2005, along with the usual conferences, speeches and rallies around the […]