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Clinton Foundation brokers deal to lower drug prices for tots

This, in the NY Times, about Clinton’s efforts to drive down drug prices for ARV therapy for kids. Got to hand it to the ex-Pres, he’s trying to make amends for having done so little as President: MUMBAI, Nov. 30 — The cost of treating children infected with H.I.V. and AIDS is poised to plummet […]

World AIDS Day, December 1st

World AIDS day is approaching, and it is timely for us to reflect on the state of the epidemic. UNAIDS has just produced a new report documenting the scale and scope of the problem, recent successes and failures. While the amount of money dedicated to the problem has increased several fold since 2000, the death […]

Nov 29 World Affairs Council & Peace Corps panel “Stories from the Heart of a Pandemic”

For any readers in the Bay Area, the Peace Corps invites you to: “Stories from the Heart of a Pandemic” A panel in recognition of World AIDS Day Wednesday, November 29, 6:30 to 8 p.m. World Affairs Council Auditorium 312 Sutter Street, Second Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 [map] In recognition of World AIDS Day, […]

Local practices lead to global HIV?

Behavior change campaigns for years in the African region have targeted high-risk sexual behaviors in attempts to prevent HIV infection. The discourse at times has veered into culturally naive assumptions of sexual exceptionalism. Yet, as some researchers have observed, some fundamental measures human sexual behaviors appear consistent across cultures and geographies -i.e. average lifetime number […]

Appointment of new Global Fund director Postponed

Steve Radelet of the Center for Global Development provides an interesting overview of why the choice for the next Executive Director for the Global Fund has been postponed until April 2007. I believe there were five candidates and the board could not agree on a consensus candidate from the three finalists. Radelet’s take on it […]

Princeton AIDS blog

Looks like we have some competition.

Alex de Waal’s new book AIDS and Power

Alex de Waal has written an incisive new book called AIDS and Power. De Waal raises a number of difficult questions about the adequacy of the present approach to HIV/AIDS. One of the main questions de Waal grapples with is why AIDS has had such a limited political impact in Africa. Given the scale of […]