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Helen Epstein’s Essays

Here is a link to all of Helen Epstein’s essays in the New York Review of Books dating back to 1998. Pretty great resource, even though I sharply disagree with her warning about large-scale external assistance. She has a book coming out later this year.

Concurrency and a Campaign for Serial Faithfulness

I have been reading a lot of Helen Epstein’s journalism on HIV/AIDS (she’s also here at Princeton at the Center for Health and Well-Being. While I disagree with her assessment that large-scale foreign assistance programs are doomed to failure (see my comments here), I found her work on “concurrency” or the profusion of long-run polygamous […]

Robert Gallo praises PEPFAR, dismisses Duesberg

I attended a conference at Princeton this week in which eminent scientists discussed the state of efforts to develop a vaccine for the virus that causes AIDS as well as other treatment and prevention technologies like new anti-retrovirals, microbicides and male circumcision. It was a very interesting workshop, giving me a greater appreciation of the […]

Robert Gallo praises PEPFAR, dismisses Duesberg

I attended a recent event at Princeton where a number of eminent scientists reviewed the state of what we know about the virus, a possible vaccine and different treatment and prevention strategies to limit the disease’s spread. From what I heard, it sounds like the science of making a vaccine for HIV/AIDS is particularly difficult, […]

Is more cash for HIV/AIDS a good thing?

Helen Epstein, a visiting fellow at Princeton’s Center for Health and Well-being, raises this question in a recent op-ed in the LA Times. Picking up a theme she explored in earlier essays (here, here [and see this exchange of letters here and here] and this Virginia Quarterly Review piece here) in the New York Review […]

HIV/AIDS Monitor at the Center for Global Development

There is a new HIV/AIDS Monitor at the Center for Global Development. The aim of this resource is to assess how well the large amounts of money from UNAIDS, PEPFAR and other sources are being spent. Looks to be very interesting, particularly in light of the recent GAO study (link to WaPo article on the […]

New Group Health Blog at the Center for Global Development

It looks like there is a competitor to us at the Center for Global Development. Check out this new group blog.