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Global Fund replenishment

The Economist has a great story on the replenishment process for the Global Fund that is happening in Berlin. I am a big supporter of treatment, but here is the nub of the issue, which gets back to the notion of an open-ended lifetime entitlement that Western donors are providing for those infected with HIV. […]

Review of Amy Patterson’s book on AIDS in Africa

I’ve blogged a bit about the book before (see here), but here is my review of Amy Patterson’s book on AIDS in Africa that just appeared in Political Science Quarterly (here is a link to the PDF). The Politics of AIDS in Africa by Amy S. Patterson. Boulder, CO, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2006. 226 pp. […]

Frist is not the Senator from Matobo*…

Senator Frist is back in the news this past week for his laudable involvement in Save the Children.  Save the Children has joined a new One initiative calling for an increase in US foreign aid for mothers and children of low-income countries.  Laudable certainly but a bit disappointing too when I read this in the […]

Bono Made Bill Frist Cry, too! – 2008 Elections and Child Survival

In homage to a paper I wrote on the Jubilee 2000 campaign, a colleague of mine sent me this article in the Times about Bill Frist, the former Tennessee Senator and ex Repub majority leader, who is leading a new initiative to seek more U.S. funding for child survival. Frist, as you know, is a […]

Cost-Benefit, Oster, and AIDS

Picking up the theme Ben mentioned earlier, economist Emily Oster suggests (see our prior blog post here) that exports helped determine the rate of diffusion of AIDS in Uganda. As prices of Ugandan coffee exports declined, men had less pocket money which made it harder for them to have more sexual partners. This view actually […]

Renewed institutional support for innovation in HIV prevention

This is reposted in full from the Lancet blog post of Aug 23th, “US$14 million grant for HIV prevention campaign”. The AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition is launching a new organization to promote the development of a wide variety of HIV prevention strategies, including microbicides and oral preventive drugs. The launch of the new organization, called […]

U.S. AIDS funding disbursement gap

Jennifer Kates of the Kaiser Family Foundation and her collaborators found that in 2006, the U.S. promised much more for global AIDS funding than it disbursed for the second year in a row. In fact, the U.S. only disbursed 56% of bilateral funds that were promised. In 2006, the U.S. committed $2,362.8mn but only disbursed […]

Money for nothin and chicks for free?

This story ran in the Washington Post on July 13th [“In Zimbabwe, Fewer Affairs and Less HIV“], but it recently came up in conversation and I realized I hadn’t posted it… doing so now. It follows neatly on Epstein’s concurrency thesis. CHITUNGWIZA, Zimbabwe — It’s not only the prices of bread and eggs that are […]