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South African researcher’s speech

I ran across this speech by Gwyn Prins, a South African researcher now at the LSE. His remarks were memorable. He draws attention to the extent to which treatment therapy responds to the symptoms rather than eliminates the cause of AIDS, inequalities in sexual power. Some extracts: Despite the abatement of this most weird and […]

LSE Research on AIDS

The London School of Economics has a cadre of researchers focused on AIDS, many of them, Tony Barnett, Ken Shadlen, James Putzel, and Gwyn Prins with work relevant to political scientists.

Centre for the Study of AIDS in South Africa

I happened upon this center at the University of Pretoria while trolling for papers. They have some articles that may be relevant for those interested in the politics of HIV, the impact on South Africa, human security, etc.

Is the enhanced stature of aid in the State Department a good thing?

As my colleague Nate noted, Condoleeza Rice recently announced that the administrator of USAID would be elevated to a deputy secretary of state. She named Randall Tobias, the administrator of the President’s HIV/AIDS program, to oversee this effort. Is this change a good thing? The Center for Global Development has series of blogs that addresses […]

Can External Donors Build State Capacity?

This is from another but related policy area. External support for AIDS treatment programs in developing countries saves people from dying in the short-run. There is a tension here in that there is a simultaneous need to build up the health system capacity of these countries. Perhaps with sufficient funding for both, we can simultaneously […]

Edited volume by Amy S. Patterson on AIDS in Africa

Calvin College’s Amy Patterson edited this 2005 book The African State and the AIDS Crisis. Here is a link to Ashgate’s website which provides a PDF to the intro. Seems to be some tension in the intro between how much responsibility for weak policy responses to HIV are attributable to outside causes (an unfair intellectual […]

RED: Bono-led effort to create new stream of revenue to fight AIDS

Holding a loft a red American Express card, Bono unveiled a pretty innovative idea at Davos, a series of RED-themed products from different companies with proceeds going to the Global Fund. U2 frontman Bono unveiled a new push to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa, announcing a partnership with several companies Thursday to sell products […]

China estimates revised downward

China has revised its estimates of HIV incidence downward by about 200,000, in response to a more extensive, better study. BEIJING, Jan. 25 — China countered the long-held suspicion that it has undercounted the number of people with H.I.V. and AIDS by releasing a new, more extensive estimate on Wednesday that found the opposite: that […]

AIDS as a focus of diplomacy

Secretary Rice unveiled significant changes in int’l HIV policy personnel today: Separately, today Rice plans to unveil a restructuring of U.S. foreign assistance, including announcing the nomination of Randall L. Tobias as the new administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Officials said Rice plans to elevate the USAID post, giving Tobias — a […]

Christian activists for AIDS

Campus activism is being redefined. As discussed in Burkhalter’s 2004 Foreign Affairs piece, “The Politics of AIDS: Engaging Conservative Activists“, a conservative response to the global pandemic is rapidly taking shape. Students wearing orange t-shirts emblazoned with white O-R-P-H-A-N across the front are becoming more frequent sights on campuses better known for their religious instruction […]