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On HIV/AIDS Treatment in the Developing World

I am preparing for a presentation tomorrow for World AIDS Days, December 1st, for Princeton’s student group the Student Global AIDS Campaign. It is affiliated with Princeton’s AIDS initiative. I’m talking about the adequacy of donor response to the epidemic. I’ll have more to post about my talk tomorrow, but I ran across a line […]

Unaddressed elements of the developing world epidemic

    I’ve had a couple of fairly interesting conversations of late with an epidemiologist working for an NGO here in the Boston area, and he’s got a bit of a hobby horse about the way policy is being implemented.     In short, much of HIV prevention policy in Africa focuses on the transmission aspects of […]

New PBS Series on Global Health

PBS has a new special on global health airing November 1-3, 2005. It is called Rx for Survival and is narrated by Brad Pitt. Here is a description from the website. During the twentieth century, the world lived through a golden era in public health: vaccines were discovered, diseases were cured, and the average life […]