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Life insurance for HIV+ in South Africa

I belatedly discovered podcasts in my final weeks in Mbarara (Uganda) last December.  Two series, PRI radio programs on Health and Technology, have short stories that may interest readers.  The Health coverage includes a subset of HIV-specific podcasts. One story from March 2007 reported on the new life insurance market for HIV+ residents in South […]

My comment on CSIS Online Africa Policy forum

Amy Patterson has a post on a new CSIS online Africa Policy forum. Here is my comment on her piece. Amy Patterson makes a number of important points. I generally agree that greater civil society mobilization would likely foster country ownership of HIV/AIDS programs, but what would that look like? How would that alter what […]

The most persuasive article on male circumcision

A January 2008 article in a new journal Future HIV Therapy makes the most persuasive case for male circumcision being rolled out on a much, much wider scale in sub-Saharan Africa. We have blogged about the importance of male circumcision before (see here, here, and here). This new piece is by Jeffrey D Klausner, Richard […]