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Expenditure bottlenecks are costing lives

Long standing practices and bureaucratic assumptions on what constitutes proper foreign aid disbursement is restricting access to lifesaving resources and costing lives. As Reuters recently reported (27 Feb. 2006, “Africa struggles to spend AIDS billions“) Like many HIV-positive Tanzanians, Bayona had angry words for TACAIDS, Tanzania’s official AIDS control organisation and a key link between […]

Op-ed: Male Circumcision Programs Should Receive PEPFAR, G8 Funding To Reduce Spread of HIV/AIDS

From the KaiserNetwork: “Properly planned” male circumcision programs should be part of efforts supported by the Group of Eight industrialized nations and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS worldwide, a Los Angeles Times editorial says. Rates of male circumcision — which is “relatively inexpensive and can drastically reduce […]

Circumcised HIV+ men less likely to infect partners

Reported by KaiserNetwork … Male circumcision might reduce the risk of HIV transmission from HIV-positive men to their female partners, according to a study presented Wednesday at the 13th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Denver, Reuters reports. Ronald Gray of Johns Hopkins University and colleagues examined the medical records of more than 300 […]

Bono’s Speech to the National Prayer Breakfast

Over at the DATA website.  Pretty inspiring stuff.

MSMs finally address

As I have pointed out before, the spread of the pandemic in developing countries often fails to focus any specific policy on MSMs, quite possibly to the great detriment of our ability to fight the spread of the disease. Thailand, however, just figured it out and got on the boat: Thailand this month will launch […]

We will never learn

Sometimes I think that that is the case. At least when I read this sort of thing: The “moral issue[s]” surrounding condom promotion in Zanzibar are hampering efforts to reduce the spread of HIV, IRIN News reports. Although prevention efforts on the island generally follow the “ABC” model — promoting abstinence, being faithful to one […]

Where have all the dollars gone?

Good article over in the Revealer, on where the monies from the $15 billion GWB authorized for fighting global HIV: Nearly a quarter of President Bush’s $15 billion HIV/AIDS program is earmarked for faith-based groups, with $200 million specifically set aside for groups without experience working with government grants. As could be expected, many groups […]