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TB: Another Disease Demanding A Policy Response

TB remains a pretty deadly scourge with antiquated methods of discovery and treatment. See this Op-Ed from the weekend Times. Teamed with HIV, it appears to be a very deadly killer. See these excerpts:   THE World Health Organization released its global tuberculosis figures on Thursday, World Tuberculosis Day, and much was made of the […]

Abstinence for everyone?

The condom vs abstinence debate (wrapped up in an alphabet soup of CNN – condoms, needles and negotiation and ABC – abstain, be faithful, use condoms) is an odd one superimposed over the deaths tracked in places like Uganda – without general access to ARVs.  Death rates affect HIV prevalence, a measure that bundles incident […]

May 2005 release – Peter Baldwin, Disease and Democracy: The Industrialized World Faces AIDS

From the University of California website (  Disease and Democracy is the first comparative analysis of how Western democratic nations have coped with AIDS. Peter Baldwin’s exploration of divergent approaches to the epidemic in the United States and several European nations is a springboard for a wide-ranging and sophisticated historical analysis of public health practices […]

Battling Insects, Parasites and Politics

This story from the Times gets at the tricky issue of donor coordination and local implementation of different health projects to combat lymphatic filariasis, malaria and other problems simultaneously. Some of the issues include different donor attitudes towards charging a nominal fee vs. free distribution of supplies and issues of local capacity, trustiworthiness. Here is […]

Question for all

Hey everyone, I am trying to assess learning in states at the state level in response to HIV onset in the country.  I have a DV that’s composed of speed and “size” (“scope” might be another ay of putting it) of response, which I think I’ll interact and call “intensity.”  I’m trying to assess whether […]

AIDS in Africa: Three scenarios to 2025

(Just promoting a discussion group message to news item. Thanks to sreadal for pointing this out!) UNAIDS just came out with a new report that presents three possible scenarios for AIDS in Africa assuming different African and international responses to the epidemic. The full report is available at From the New York Times ( […]