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Japan announces $560mn contribution to the Global Fund

In advance of the Hokkaido G8 summit in July, Japan just announced last week a new contribution to the Global Fund of $560mn, spread out over an unspecified period of years. This is the second reasonably large pledged contribution from Japan since then Prime Minister Koizumi pledged $500mn back in 2005. Here is summary from […]

PEPFAR Reauthorization in Danger

Just when it looked like PEPFAR would be reauthorized and that Congress would appropriate even more money than the president asked for, seven Senators, led by Tom Coburn of Oklahoma (along with Jim DeMint, Jeff Sessions, Saxby Chambliss, David Vitter, Jim Bunning, Richard Burr), have placed a hold on the bill, dramatically reducing the chances […]

The AIDS Entitlement Crisis?

Mead Over of the Center of Global Development has a new paper, identifying a problem I wrote about before (see here). Unless the U.S. government gets a handle on AIDS prevention, the extension of ARV therapy will consume a larger and larger share of U.S. foreign assistance. In effect, we have created an external entitlement […]