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Fight Against AIDS: Small Triumphs, Sunny Optimism and Grim Reality

Commentary in the NYTimes August 15, “Fight Against AIDS: Small Triumphs, Sunny Optimism and Grim Reality” With our 10-year head start in disbursing AIDS drugs [in the United States], we have learned many times over that the drugs are just the beginning. Once they are bought and dispensed, the work only gets harder. Side effects […]

Fight Against AIDS: Small Triumphs, Sunny Optimism and Grim Reality

TORONTO, Aug. 15 — Bill, Bill and Melinda dropped into our world for a few days here. It was an unsettling experience, much like coming home from work to find Mr. Gates regrouting your bathroom shower, Mr. Clinton fixing that broken window, and Mrs. Gates cheerily watering the plants. Skip to next paragraph Related Complete […]

Obama slams South African AIDS response

As reported by Reuters today: By Gordon Bell CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – Barack Obama, the only black U.S. senator, criticized South African leaders on Monday for their slow response to AIDS, saying they were wrong to contrast “African science and Western science.” AIDS activists say Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is creating deadly confusion by pushing […]

Exclusive Breastfeeding Protective against HIV Infection reports an interesting breastfeeding study, suggesting another nutritional factor that can increase risk of HIV acquisition. Several weeks ago in Nairobi, I met a U of Washington researcher who is investigating the potential links between intestinal de-worming and ARV treatment success. It appears that HIV is found in the gastointestinal (GI) tract in high […]

The AIDS Industry Convention

The 16th AIDS Conference is underway today.  It should be a fabulous, fashionable event.  Great keynotes and many famous faces.